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Down Memory Lane

5 Aug 2012

Years go by as your memory enhances situations while dismissing others. At times, you might even find your memory muting colors. While designing websites is always an experience, designing your own site is quite, the experience down to memory lane.

In portraying the traces you have displayed over years: the pixels that initiated brands, the colors you dared explore challenging the ones that made it live, and the shapes that molded the outfits; suddenly the JPGs start chatting – singing their stories beheld in thousands of emails.

Every graphic has a story behind; for as simple or complex as it might appear. They all came to life through a process of selection, in files filled of invisible layers and history undos. They were all dressed and undressed before the final gala outfit was selected.

I reckon myself as I pick my favorites: the ones reflecting what my memory has chosen to enhance; the unmuted colors of my production.